CRL Birmann 32 Test

In order to pass such a rigorous performance test, without reservations, is required a product that values total quality.

A fundamental element of the Birmann 32 landmark, the AURA 125 FAU facade by TERA METAIS overcame a major challenge: having its performance tested in an internationally recognized laboratory, the CRL (Construction Research Laboratory) in Miami / USA – where it was tested none other than the Petronas Towers facade, among other icons.

The unprecedented success experience for complex facades of Brazilian enterprises was carried out by the AURA System team of TERA METAIS and became part of the company’s history. To give you an idea, the test prototype – representing with accuracy a large corner segment of the building’s facade – had three angles of positive and negative inclination, totaling an area of ​​180m².

What made this test a milestone? In addition to the tests foreseen in NBR 10.821 (air permeability, water tightness, resistance and safety) with a wind pressure of 200 kgf / m², the prototype was subjected to a dynamic pressure test with a propeller plane engine, simulating a real situation. There was also a second step of the tightness test, after the maximum efforts were applied in the strength test.

The result and the certificate, for the satisfaction of the customer, partners and of course, for the joy of our team, prove the excellence of our work.

Tera Metais - Extrusion in aluminum profiles
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