Infrastructure and knowledge to innovate.

The TeraMetais Production sector is guided by meticulous care with every detail. However, there is a differential that determines the excellence of the area: innovation, which is one of the main characteristics of the company. It all starts in our own laboratory, equipped with cutting-edge equipment to guarantee the quality and to meet the specific requirements of each client. Discover a sample of this enviable infrastructure:

  • 7" Italian press (177.8mm) of 2,000 tons / force and productive capacity of 7,500 tons / year
  • Aging ovens capable of meeting different quenchings
  • Production with the main alloys of the market, including structural ones (6060, 6063, 6101, 6005, 6061, 6082 and 6351) with very high quality billet, from renowned suppliers
  • Cutting lengths from 3,000 to 8,000 mm straight from the press under the tolerances established by ABNT
  • Technology for the production of 4-axis CNC machined parts
  • Cropped profiles from 15 to 1,800mm with precision up to ± 0.2mm

It is worth mentioning: the machinery does a great part of the work, but excellence is not just technological. With specialized professionals, TeraMetais is able to create complex profiles with special measures. The customer brings their needs, our team analyzes, plans and performs them.

In fact, such careful work could not be delivered with negligence: to be sure that your products will arrive perfect, TeraMetais has its own transport fleet (enabling greater agility and customization) and the packaging follows international standards of quality, with all profiles interleaved in paper and coated in plastic by an automated process.

Planning, creation, execution, delivery. TeraMetais is concerned with everything so that its customers are always at ease.

Tera Metais - Extrusion in aluminum profiles
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