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Tera Metais has a great variety of services aggregated to the innovative products and the higher quality for several segments of the market, developed by the best professionals.

Through sophisticated equipments, Tera Metais offers:

  • Development of products from samples.
  • Special cuts from 15mm.
  • Vane Machining.
  • Heat treatment for profiles with special alloys.
  • Study of technical specifications adapting alloys, spices and dimensional tolerances to the customer’s product..

The high quality of our processes and products, the quickness of our attendance, the great technical capacity of our team and the constant investments in new technologies, provide to our customers and suppliers the credibility and trust for the development of new products and business.

Tera Metais - Extrusion in aluminum profiles
Rod. Constâncio Cintra, KM 79 - S/N - Costa do Sol Itatiba-SP - CEP: 13255-846