Diversity, modernity and more than 35 years of history.


A product of superior finishing and quality is able to enrich even more an architectural project. Knowing this, TeraMetais develops profiles with the highest technology and innovative design that contemplate most applications: facades, balconies, doors and windows (with or without sliding), ceilings, greenhouses, garages and industrial doors, signs and road poles, bathroom stalls, among others. Series of products that combine beauty and safety to bring a touch of functionality and good taste to any type of construction.

Civil Construction

Beyond durability, technology. Beyond technology, design. Beyond design, innovation. Putting into practice all its experience and bringing the infrastructure of its own laboratory, TeraMetais meets all the needs of the market. Highlight for the exclusive frame system, Aura System, the result of a successful technological partnership between the company and the Spanish Indalsu.


High performance and high resistance. With know-how for the production of 6005, 6351, 6101 and 6061 alloys, TeraMetais is proud to offer the best for the industrial sector, meeting the strictest dimensional tolerances with great cost-benefit.

Furniture Maker

A product of the highest quality and capable of guaranteeing uniform and efficient anodization adds immense value to furniture or to a woodwork project. Standing out for the beauty and lightness of its products, TeraMetais also offers its know-how to the furniture sector. A detail that makes all the difference.

Special Projects

TeraMetais thinks, plans and uses its expertise to help its customers to develop modern and functional products, with lower cost and better performance.

From the first contact to the final delivery, the company promotes a total partnership relationship. Each case is properly studied and solved. A work philosophy that, in addition to offering the best product, helps to streamline processes and contribute to the growth of the entire production chain. Always work together and innovate. This is our way.

Tera Metais - Extrusion in aluminum profiles
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