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Tera Metais launches its first aluminum frame of the country with thermal and acoustic insulation systems.

Tera Metais Alumínio developed the frame line Aura System, the only one in Brazil with the Thermal Break system. The innovation eliminates the exchange of temperature between indoor and outdoor and, for being equipped with special glasses, performs thermal and acoustic isolation. Besides providing thermal comfort and energy efficiency by allowing to reduce the use of air conditioning or heating, the profiles have elegant design, with rounded edges patented for Tera and make possible the use of different finishes and colours in the internal and external parts of the same frame.

Aesthetic Possibilities

The Aura line make possible, for example, to choose for the customization in the interior, while the external part of the frame follows the pattern of the building’s facade. This possibility results from the drawings of the frames, which are composed by two independent aluminum profiles. The Aura line allows that the frame follows the interior decoration and respect the external pattern. Besides de elegance and aesthetics possibilities, others characteristics of the Aura line add value to several ways to the construction, particularly for bringing to the country concepts of thermal comfort and energy efficiency, common today in Europe. The main characteristic of Thermal Break, the thermal insulation, results from a polyamide profile, plus 25% of glass fiber. Installed between the aluminum profiles, it blocks the transmission of the external temperature to the inside. Besides the low conductivity, the polyamide has many characteristics similar to the aluminum, with the same mechanical resistance to high temperatures and the same expansion coefficient.

High Standard

Besides the thermal comfort, with the Thermal Break system the frames have a robust profile, suitable to the use of double glasses, which provide acoustic isolation.

Energy Efficiency

In Brazil, the main standardization for the segment is NBR 10.821, from ABNT, which determines the minimum acceptable performance for external edification frames as for air penetration and the thermal isolation degree. In Europe, nowadays, is practically impossible to install frames systems without Thermal Break. Latin America follows this trend too, with countries as Argentina and Mexico, that have adopted stringent standards about thermal isolation. Worldwide, the search for energy economy occurs in all segments, once the air conditioning systems respond for more than a half of the outgoing with energy in a building.

Environment and Health

Beyond the consumption reduction of electrical energy, the Thermal Break System inlays a series of benefits to the environment. Both aluminum and polyamide are 100% recyclable materials. The characteristics of TB frame it as the project of the clean development mechanism, one of the flexibilization proposals expected by the Kyoto Protocol that seek for the sustainable development.

Another advantage is that the thermal isolation of the system ends up reducing the internal humidity, which elevates the healthiness of environments. When they are closed in the cold, the installed glasses in convencional frames fogs up. This occurs because of the low external temperature, below the dew point, that results in the moisture condensation inside. With Thermal Break allied to the insulated glass, the superficial temperature of the profile and the interior glass is high, which maintain the glass transparency.

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